Easter Colors

Reminiscent of our Easter photo shoot of 2015.

Polly strikes a pose on my studio desk.


Polly has new pull charms! 

The busy bunny.


Springtime Lovelies


 Happy First Day of Spring! A special capture of Sakura. Dreamy and innocent. 


A lovely edit with a painting effect. Modeling one of my dress designs.


I love this photo of Lemony and Sakura! Springtime hairdo prettiness! 


Sakura helping me out with my first Etsy update. 


Salon Gossip

Doll Photography Salon Gossip

Sakura having her alpaca locks set in perm rods accompanied by her little pooch! She does look to be thick in gossip while sip'n the bubbly. Actually, my own hairdresser occasionally serves wine! lol This photo scored 2nd place in my Flickr stream for Most Favorites.  It was my submission to the Flickr Blythe-A-Day Group for the theme, Black and White and it was also invited to Flicker groups, "Talking Blythes" and "What's In Your Doll's Bag?"

Salon Gossip

A little salon gossip of my own last week when I went in for a trim and foil hi/lo-lights. This was my view while resting at the sink while the toner did its work. The window is actually behind me, the chandelier above and a large mirror facing me. Kind of neat how it is all captured by aiming my cell towards the mirror. 


Doll Hobby = Doll Photography

Doll photography! It is one of my favorite parts of this hobby next to sewing and creating


The Stress Dress

A new dress for Joycie but she doesn't want some grumpy girl's hand-me-downs!

So cute!
Long-ago dolly!
Shh ..she looks pissed!

I think she wants it back!
Just look at her!

A Flower Baby for Miss C.

Well, here I thought I had posted all of my archive photos but tonight I found some buried drafts! How did that happen! I guess that was not "A Wrap" after all! ;)



Today, I am sharing this little pink piggy with you. She is just under 4" tall and full of sweetness!  Her name is Oinkette and she is a pet to one of my blythe dolls. Yes, dolls have pets too! *wink* 


That's a Wrap!

Sharing photos from our archives is now complete!


Flore is being reinvented! No longer a fairy but instead a superfluous French lady.

Wearing a Sleeping Elf wig which I styled into this exquisite coiffure. 

Rolls trimmed in pearls and little rhinestone hair pins to finish off the look.

Flore deserves (demands?) a wardrobe of fancy new gowns and a proper "coming out" photo shoot! Each time I look at her, I am reminded to get my butt back in gear and finish the gowns and dioramas than I have planned just for her. 


Fanceen & Jucika

Fanceen is not the typical Blythe doll in my collection. Her little teeth are clearly visible and her expression quirky, making her appear full of mischief! I smile just looking at her.


Just On Time Tia

Tia arrived just on time to model my donation for Blythecon Vancouver/August 2015. I was so relieved and the result was exquisite!



I just love how these photos of Crystalline turned out! They could not be any more dreamy! She is wearing a blythe doll dress made by myself and a Little Ditzies gnome hat topped with a Mab Graves bow. Lila World dolls are easy to pose and they stay in position!



Promised Playtime

The girls enjoying some sunshine in the Springtime Diorama. I am happy to finally be able to share this antique doll buggy with you! It is a Wyandotte early pressed steel toy baby doll carriage, 1930s.


Beautiful Lemony

The Nest Keeper

Strawberry Shortcake Luncheon

Apple Of My Eye

Tia - A Lovely Addition

Tia is my first Blythe doll with eyebrows. She looks as though she is having a deeper thought than any dolly should have. ;)


I love the rich auburn shade of her hair and all of the curls. Kiandra is a gorgeous custom by Art14. Her base doll is a factory/fake.

Fun with Wigs

Crimson looks like an antique porcelain doll in this wig, which is exactly where it came from! It is so full of curls and looks rich and shiny. I usually photograph Blythe dolls with their much shorter legs, so the Lila dolls with their long legs is a nice change.

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